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Twenty Ten Weaver allows you to tweak almost everything. You can change colors, fonts, sidebar columns, header size, and more. This theme also includes several new theme looks for an easy start. Just for example, this site is running on WordPress 3 and uses the “WP Weaver” sub-theme as its own theme.

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5 Responses to “WP Weaver”

  1. flintbizwp

    I Like Vote #1 trying to DL it Now ??

  2. dedide

    lovely job


  3. Jack Armstrong

    Fantastic contribution to WordPress!!!

  4. Jim Yount

    Someday, all of WordPress will work this way. Bruce’s method of saving CSS tweaks will eliminate many nights of banging my head on the table when updating a theme. Very thoughtful, great design. I can tell you’ve been pounding code for a few years.

    Thanks again,

  5. jffwpr

    Weaver is great.And now they have Weaver II released.

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