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WPMU Dev is used by many quality WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress sites, providing access to over 100 plugins, 150 themes and the best WordPress support on the web. We specialize in helping you monetize your WordPress and BuddyPress sites and build thriving communities.

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8 Responses to “WPMU DEV”

  1. Glastonbury

    This is a great site, providing a large selection of high quality plugins & themes, listening to suggestions form us mortals and continuing to add more plugins/themes all the time.

    The support is top notch too which, in my opinion, is one of the main points I look for.

  2. QubeStream

    WPMU Dev is not perfect….but neither is WordPress. I count on them both for my livelihood, my entertainment and the success of my company.

  3. DHazlett

    WPMU Dev has great Themes and Plugins – but best of all is that they are responsive and helpful.

  4. Farms

    Thanks guys, it’s a massive honor to be, well, nominated for an honor :)

  5. Neo

    I’m still trying to find my nitch in the world of blog site hosting. WordPress is great, but it is far from out of the box ready for the majority of users attracted to it like me. That’s where WPMU DEV comes in. They provide the missing link between raw WP and a finished, custom website. I don’t know enough to write custom code, and I can’t afford thousands for custom web development. WPMU DEV themes and plug-ins allow me to customize WP and if a human contact is needed to get beyond a hitch, they respond quickly and professionally. Yep, WPMU DEV definitely has my vote! :)

  6. jack

    I’m happy to be a member of wpmudev. There are so many great plugins and more some to be coming all of the time!

  7. Michel Mosca

    WPMU DEV does not only provide me with a complete range of excellent compatible components and dedicated development and support, but also with a responsive community that feeds back into the development process. This is a great assurance and complete empowerment for anyone who likes to focus on deploying reliable solutions without having to bother about all the particulars and the overhead of own R&D.

  8. malberti

    These guys are providing a great service and I am very grateful to be a part of their community. They are helping to advance and unleash the full potential of WordPress. I highly recommend them.

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