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WP101 WordPress Video Tutorials

WP101 WordPress Video Tutorials

Learn WordPress quickly with easy, online, video tutorials.
The WordPress 101 tutorial videos are the fastest way to learn WordPress!

Who’s got time to read boring tech books? Whether you’re just getting started with WordPress, or you want to get the most out of WordPress 3.0, these HD-quality, WordPress tutorial videos will teach you how to use WordPress to manage your own blog or website today! Ready to get started?

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3 Responses to “WP101 WordPress Video Tutorials”

  1. Shawn Hesketh

    Just wanted to say thanks for the nomination! I’m pleased folks are finding these WordPress tutorial videos helpful!

  2. chrishoward

    I’ have spent years looking for a site that actually lives up to its promise of being for new WP users.

    New WP users want to know how to create posts and pages, upload media, and what he difference is between categories and tags,

    WP101 is the only site I’ve ever found that addresses those requirements.

    And what’s more, because it’s so well done, no longer will developer/trainers have to train their clients in WP. Just tell them to spend $20 or $30 on WP101’s tutorials. In fact, just incorporate it into the fee.

    I wish I could vote for this site 100 times.

    PS Shawn, would love to see written versions of these tutorials too, coz some folks prefer to work that way.

    • Shawn Hesketh

      Thanks for the glowing recommendation, Chris, and for the request for a printed version. You’re right about some folks preferring to work that way. Taken under consideration!

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