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Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is an advanced form building plugin that can do just about anything you might want to make a form for.

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6 Responses to “Gravity Forms”

  1. strebel

    Such a Great plugin.

  2. dremeda

    Gravity Forms is the best solution for forms on WordPress sites!

  3. Diana

    One of the best plugins for wordpress.

  4. Howard Yermish

    By far, the most useful plug-in for building websites with WordPress. The developer is very responsive if any issues arise. And the plug-in gets continual updates and innovations.

  5. Jack

    This is good, but Formidable Pro is much better.

  6. shad

    No way formidable pro is better. It’s kinda buggy and jammed full of junk and useless bling. Opinions vary I guess..

    If you want a junked-up UI full of shiny baubles, then go with the other guys. If you want a plugin that constantly innovates, integrates with WordPress almost seamlessly, has top-tier product support, and most importantly makes you look like a freakin’ superhero to your clients, then go for Gravity Forms.

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