Plugin Entry G.A.S.P. GrowMap Anti-SpamBot Plugin

G.A.S.P. GrowMap Anti-SpamBot Plugin

G.A.S.P. GrowMap Anti-SpamBot Plugin

Are you tired of bot spam? Have you or your fav commentators been flagged as spammers by Akismet? This plugin by Andy Bailey of CommentLuv based on an idea Phil Hollows at FeedBlitz proposed and improved by a tip from Dazzlin Donna Fontenot is the solution that is putting the joy back into blogging.

ZERO bot spam and NO FALSE POSITIVES. Available now in the Official WordPress repository. Details on the site linked to this submission.

Already spreading among the blogging community like wildfire because so many are tired of slogging through the spam section looking for the real comments incorrectly put there. Join us! You’ll love it too!

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2 Responses to “G.A.S.P. GrowMap Anti-SpamBot Plugin”

  1. BlazingMinds

    A top plugin and one that every blogger should use, got my vote ;)

  2. newbizblogger

    One of the best plugins I’ve used for sure! I get almost no spam now…it’s great! You got vote!!

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