3 Prizes Scheduled To Be Given Away Today

There will be a few prizes given away today. This is a quick post to let you know what will be given out, and at what times of the day today. In case you weren’t paying attention, we have 21 sponsors, donating a combined total of 55 prizes, 55!! So today we will give away […]

Some Things You Should Know About WPHonors

First of all I want to give a HUGE thanks to all of you who have joined, submitted nominees, and voted for your favorites here on WPHonors. I am very impressed with how smooth everything has been running so far and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you, and of course, without our awesome […]

@randaclay Is Our First Giveaway Winner!

Now that we have kicked things off around here we can get started with our huge prize giveaway, starting with a Gravity Forms license from @RocketGenius. Congratulations to @randaclay for being our first randomly selected member to win!! Here’s how it works. Follow our Twitter account, and keep an eye out for tweets we make announcing […]

Announcing The 2010 WordPress Honors

Hello all you WordPress enthusiasts, fans and all of you who use the most awesome CMS and blogging platform we all know and love. Welcome to a brand new site created for all you members of the WP community.