The winners of the 2010 WordPress Honors for each of the categories are below, along with the ranking of each nominee and the total votes for each. Personal Website Batman 3D won the Personal Website category. The full vote count was: Batman 3D: 28 votes Shut Up and Cook: 15 votes Everything Random: 13 votes […]

Vote On The Final Nominees For The 2010 WordPress Honors!!

It has taken a little longer than expected due to a few factors, but you can now vote on the final nominees for each of the 12 categories for the 2010 WordPress Honors. You can access the page from the above navigation bar, Finalists, and there you can cast your votes on who you think […]

All Submissions And Votes Are Closed!!

You are no longer able to submit new posts, or vote on anything. The first round of this competition is now over, and for the next week or two, all current submissions will be viewed by our judges. The judges will be looking at each submitted item in all categories, and decide what they think […]

Updated: 10 Prizes To Giveaway This Week

UPDATED: The winners have been selected. I would like to point out that this was a sad excuse for a prize giveaway. This was one pathetic giveaway, that’s all I need to say. It seems to be getting more and more difficult to give away all these great prizes that our sponsors have been so […]

[UPDATE]Trick Or Tweet: Announcing The Prize Winners

UPDATE: Announcing The Winners For These Prizes!! Annnnd the winners of these 6 awesome giveaways have been chosen, based mostly by being randomly selected, but also taking into account what people were most interested in winning. Wouldn’t be worth it to giveaway a pluginZ prize to someone that said they only care about winning the […]

Post A Comment To Win Free WordPress Stuff!

I’ve learned that just randomly giving away prizes to members of this site isn’t the best way to go for a few reasons. The biggest being the fact that more people have NOT responded to claim their winnings than those that have thus far. Also, and this may influence why, not everyone will necessarily care […]

WPHonors Schedule Of Final Events And Prize Giveaways

I have updated the prize giveaway calendar which you can see below, or when logged into the WPHonors dashboard under the menu item Prizes — Prize Calendar too, for those that haven’t noticed. I’ve added the dates submissions will close for new posts, and the week long period during which we will tally up the […]

3 Prizes Every 4 Days For The Rest Of The Year

So I did the math (well my girlfriend did the math) and there are 76 days left in the year as of today. Minus from that 4 days for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there are 72 days. We have a total of 58 prizes and have already given 4 away leaving 54. […]

Final Nominees Are Not Chosen Based On Votes Alone

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now, and apologize for the delay in doing so. As you know here on this site you can vote for the things that have been submitted, and that’s fun and cool and stuff. It is important that you do get as many people to vote […]

The 3 Winners Of Saturdays Prize Giveaway Were…

Many of you probably know about the 3 prizes that were giving away 2 days ago, or maybe you weren’t yet aware of WPHonors, and the massive amount of stuff we’re giving away to members of this site. And The Winners Are… Here are the prizes that we chose to giveaway, from our huge list […]