WPHonors Schedule Of Final Events And Prize Giveaways

I have updated the prize giveaway calendar which you can see below, or when logged into the WPHonors dashboard under the menu item PrizesPrize Calendar too, for those that haven’t noticed.

I’ve added the dates submissions will close for new posts, and the week long period during which we will tally up the vote counts and our judges will be sifting through all the posts and discussing which they think should move on to the final round of voting for the chance to be given Honors of 2010 for each category.

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I will be doing my best to stick to this schedule as far as what prizes will be given away and on which days they are scheduled to be, but I am a very busy person and not everyone likes to respond to me when I contact them telling them they won. So please, follow @WPHonors on Twitter, and check your email regularly if you want to be sure not to miss out on winning a prize from us. If you haven’t already, you may also want to “Like” WPHonors on Facebook, too. You never know if prizes will be given away to people on there only.

There will be multiple prizes given away in the next few days to make up for my slacking and unclaimed prizes, so pay attention!

All Submissions Close on Saturday, November 13th

You will want to get all your posts, plugins, themes, sites, and people submitted by Saturday, November 13th. After that, you will no longer be able to submit new posts, and all will be lost for your great WP thing.

Get your submissions in now, the sooner the better, the more votes the better, the more love, the better…..!

Vote Now, Vote Often, Vote For ALL Your Faves

In case you might be thinking you can only vote for one thing in each category you should know that you can vote for as many things as you want. Hell, vote for everything on the site.

JUST GET YOUR VOTES IN NOW, whatever way you can!

Don’t wait till the last second. If you can’t find something, our search box is really good at finding things just do a search for it. Click the vote button, and find some other things you love.

What can you not live without for your WordPress sites?

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Note: If I spelled any of these Twitter names wrong please let me know, I am only super human. I am so lost without you all telling me what I’m doing wrong :P

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