Some Things You Should Know About WPHonors

First of all I want to give a HUGE thanks to all of you who have joined, submitted nominees, and voted for your favorites here on WPHonors. I am very impressed with how smooth everything has been running so far and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you, and of course, without our awesome sponsors.

So Thank You All!!

Also, WPHonors is not affiliated nor endorsed in any way what-so-ever by,, or Automattic. This site is built and run solely by Jared Williams and is just for shining some light on the awesome WP community and WP world as a whole, that we all know and love.

I just wanted to point out some things about WPHonors that you may not know, or maybe need some reminding of in case you forgot. :)

1. Feel Free To Contact Us About Anything

Seriously, anything at all. If you have experienced a problem with anything on this site, or have any kind of feedback or suggestions for making it better, please do not hesitate to send us an email from our contact page. The form does work, however due to the large amount of work that this site requires, you may not get a response immediately.

You may see a reference to “us” or “we” here, but the truth is, it is just me running the show (approving submissions, giving out prizes, contacting people, etc.), and I have a full time job too, but I will get back to you ASAP, I promise.

2. When Submitting Posts

So far things have gone pretty well with all the posts submitted by everyone. I am very thankful for that too haha. I was fearing the worst before this started and I haven’t had much trouble thus far.

Tips for submitting:

  1. Fill in all fields correctly. (Title, Description, URL, Category, Twitter name are all required. Tags are optional but suggested)
  2. You should check more than one category for Personalities ONLY if the person you submit falls into multiple categories. Submissions for all other topics should only be added to one category.
  3. Before you submit a new post, do a quick search for it. There are bound to be duplicate submissions and have gotten a few already. If you search and find nothing, then submit away. I moderate everything anyways.
  4. I MODERATE EVERYTHING. If you don’t see your post show up then it is for a reason. You can send @wphonors a tweet or send an email to see why your posts wasn’t approved and I will respond to let you know.

A note about Twitter avatars:

This site uses to display the Twitter avatar images for Personalities. Since Twitter uses 3 different sizes for their avatars, the largest being whatever size the image uploaded for your Twitter account is, I cannot control how people’s avatars look. The images are displayed as a background image of the div they are in. It would require a lot of needless work to somehow make all overly-sized avatar images display as a smaller size image. There is no way of telling who’s avatar is whatever size it is, on a case by case basis. Basically, deal with it. It’s way too much work for not too much benefit.

3. Contacting You About Prizes

I found this to be important to clarify since the winner that was chosen a couple days ago for the Graph Paper Press theme never responded to the two emails I sent in attempt to tell them they won, and now that will go to some other randomly chosen person instead.

Make my life easier, fill in the Twitter name field of your Profile and make sure to use an email address which you USE. I can’t be running around trying to find people to give them prizes, and I shouldn’t have to honestly.

To make things easier for me, you, and the sponsors donating the prizes, check your email, and if possible, take a second to add your Twitter name to your profile. There’s a link to your profile at the top right of the site when logged in. It will only take a second, and will make contacting you easier if you are one of the lucky random winners.

Expect to receive an email from jaredwilli [at] gmail.

That’s me, and the address that will contact you if you win.

4. Get Your Friends To Join And Vote!!

You want more votes, right? You want your stuff to win, or your favorites to win? Spread the word, get your friends to join and vote for you, your theme/plugin or site. Even if they don’t care for WordPress, that’s ok. Get them to join and vote just for you. They help your chances to win prizes too, because if they are selected to win something, they can give it to you since they don’t care for WordPress :)

It’s a WIN WIN!!

I think I missed some things, so will update when I think of them.
Thanks again everyone, and most importantly, have fun!!!!

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  1. wpspecialists

    Thank you for all of the hard work you’re putting into this. It’s an awesome idea and I love seeing so many deserving people being acknowledged for the great things they do for WordPress.