Final Nominees Are Not Chosen Based On Votes Alone

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now, and apologize for the delay in doing so.

As you know here on this site you can vote for the things that have been submitted, and that’s fun and cool and stuff. It is important that you do get as many people to vote for whatever as possible, but I’d like to make it clear to everyone, winners are not chosen based on votes alone.

How Final Nominees Are Chosen

As it says on the homepage, there are going to be judges involved in the final decision of who/what makes it to the final list of nominees come mid-November. For about a week or so, the judges will be looking at the submitted posts, and will choose what makes it on to the next round based on a number of things, votes having the least impact on the decision.

For example, for the site category, we may choose based on design quality, usage of WordPress, social impact, etc. With votes being one of the last criteria that is looked at.

Which Means

If a post has 100 votes, if it does not meet what the judges will be looking at, then it will not be chosen to move onto the next round.

A site that has 1 vote, but is totally awesome in the WP world (ie: then it could be chosen over a site that has 58 votes but has nothing at all to do with WordPress aside from being powered by it.

I am not sure quite yet what the criteria will be for each of the categories, that will be determined later, and among only the judges. If you’re site, plugin, theme, or personality does not get chosen, and it has tons of votes, there was a reason for it to not move on.

This Is Not A Popularity Contest

This is one of the things I’ve seen people talking about. This type of competition/site can easily, and many times does turn into a popularity contest. We have done all that we can to make it not. Think of it as a Presidential election (only not at all lol). There’s the popular vote, and the electoral vote. Now I don’t know a thing about politics, or either of those things really at all, but I know that this site is run using more than a system that is determined by votes alone.

I recently received an email about how the voting plugin used on this site can be “gamed” because it only uses cookies to store users votes.

This is not true.

I re-wrote the plugin and hacked it up to work how this site needed it to. For each post you vote on, it stores the IP of the person who clicked the vote button. You can only vote once on each thing. That is why I renamed the plugin, I-Like-This-Reloaded.

But in the case that I am wrong, and you are able to just clear your cookies, and vote over and over to ‘game’ the site, it won’t matter since we have judges involved in the final decision of who/what moves on as the final nominees.

Hope this clears some things up for everyone, and makes you a little more understanding of how this whole thing will work.

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