All Submissions And Votes Are Closed!!

You are no longer able to submit new posts, or vote on anything. The first round of this competition is now over, and for the next week or two, all current submissions will be viewed by our judges.

The judges will be looking at each submitted item in all categories, and decide what they think is worthy of moving on to the final round of voting for a chance to win Honors for 2010 in the category they reside in.

Each post will be judged based on a specific set of criteria, with vote counts being one of the deciding factors for a post, but vote counts are only one of the things that determine the final nominations.

That means, a post with 200 votes but is not a worthy candidate for moving on as a finalist in the category it’s in may be ousted by a post with 1 vote, if it is a perfect candidate for being in the finals for that category.

The final nominations will be listed, and all the finalist vote counts will be reset, and we will start a whole new round of voting to determine who will win Honors for what. All first round posts will remain archived on the site, but they will not be apart of the final nominee listings and you will not be able to vote on them again if they do not move on as a finalist.

No more submissions will be accepted. No additional votes can be cast for current nominations.

Voting will resume in a week or two and continue until the end of the year.

There will still be a ton of free prize giveaways, from now until 2011. We have tons of stuff to giveaway, and a whole new round of voting to do, so get ready for the finals and let the real fun begin!!

10 Responses to “All Submissions And Votes Are Closed!!”

  1. Chris

    Cool beans. Can’t wait to see who makes it to the finals.

    • jaredwilli

      I’m just hoping that the finalists don’t take forever to get up fast enough so people can have time to vote before the year ends! Lots to do still here.

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  4. Anton

    Today is December 1… when the voting will be resume?

  5. tmr

    How is this coming? Any updates?

    • jaredwilli

      Im working on it, should be done soon. There was a delay in getting judges votes. And making the new post type for the finalists.

  6. Marcel

    I thought the vote totals were not to be disclosed. Now I see them below the post thumbnail. Did you change your mind?

  7. Rangpur

    I’m too late

  8. jesicawillss

    Great stuff. Interesting to read it. What about vote total?