3 Prizes Every 4 Days For The Rest Of The Year

So I did the math (well my girlfriend did the math) and there are 76 days left in the year as of today. Minus from that 4 days for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there are 72 days.

We have a total of 58 prizes and have already given 4 away leaving 54. That’s 54 prizes to give away in the 72 days remaining in the year not counting holidays.

After figuring it all out, we can giveaway 3 prizes every 4 days. In other words, 3 days we giveaway a prize, one day we don’t, 3 days we do, one day we don’t.

You following me here? We will be basically giving away prizes 6 out of 8 days a week. That’s insane!!

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