Updated: 10 Prizes To Giveaway This Week

UPDATED: The winners have been selected. I would like to point out that this was a sad excuse for a prize giveaway.

This was one pathetic giveaway, that’s all I need to say.

It seems to be getting more and more difficult to give away all these great prizes that our sponsors have been so kind to donate. It seems that as time goes on, people are becoming less and less interested in winning free stuff from here, at a totally random and HIGH probability to win given the surprisingly low participation from people.

The chances to win one of our prizes is becoming more possible, so much so that all but 4 people who commented on this post have been selected to win one of these prizes, PLUS, 2 of those 4 people have previously won something in past giveaways on WPHonors.

So, I don’t know at this rate, there may be 0 winners for future giveaways if people don’t step it up and make even somewhat of an effort to get involved with this. It seems like the rate of decrease is way to rapid for this to continue for much longer. Ok end of rant…

The Winners Of This Giveaway Are…

WPthemeInfo 	- Free theme from Museum Themes
ariff 			- Pagely Personal Account 
lordkain2 		- Free theme from Press75
KostasNi 		- Genesis theme + 1 Child theme
ryanduff 		- Free WPStartbox Framework
jack 			- WPMU Prumium Membership
Mohsen 		- Free Double Class from WPClassroom
wpspecialists 	- Copy of Profession WordPress Development
simplexstudios 	- Gravity Forms license
mikycomputers 	- Free theme from Mojo-Themes

Congratulations to you all!

At least all of you like to get free stuff… I wish I could win some of it for myself, but with the decreasing rate of interest maybe I will get to!


This is the last week we are accepting submissions and votes for submissions which already exist on the site. Saturday November 13th all submissions and voting are closed. The following week is when the judges will be picking the final nominations that will be up for Honors of 2010.

If you haven’t already, Register and submit your stuff, or vote on your favorites, before it’s too late.

All THIS Week You Have A Chance To Win From The Prizes Below

In order to win one of the great prizes below, you MUST be registered on this site, and you MUST comment using the name you have registered under. It only takes 2 seconds to register, seriously. Just click this link then click the Register tab, and enter in the information needed to sign up.

You Must Be Registered To Win

You must also post a comment on this blog post using your registered account name. Simple. You have until Friday of this week to do so, but I wouldn’t wait until the last second or you might forget.

Register now, and post a comment below stating which prizes you’d like to win most! Quality comments win over comments that say stuff like “I want to win!!” or “Yay funtime funpants!”. Obviously we all want to win stuff, and it’s obviously funtime here, as always. So be smart, and tell me what you want to win, so that way I can choose who wins what based on your preferences.

Prizes You Could Win Are

*NOTE: Not everyone will win, and not everyone will win what they commented saying they want to win. You can always trade, or do with what you win whatever you like, should you be chosen as a winner.

Museum Themes
1 free premium theme from Museum Themes

Museum Themes are the latest exhibit in our ever-growing gallery. We built Museum Themes to fill a niche we saw lacking in other free and premium WordPress themes: artistic designs. There’s a lot of great themes out there, both free and paid, but we didn’t see a lot of variety in the types of WordPress designs available. We wanted to provide WordPress themes that didn’t take function over form. WordPress is a fantastic platform; using a premium WordPress theme shouldn’t mean your site looks like everything else.

  • Museum Themes are visually stunning and original.
  • Museum Themes don’t require you to be a programmer to figure out how to use them.
  • Museum Themes have fantastic, personalized support.
  • Museum Themes are forward-thinking, taking advantages of new trends and leaps in web design standards.
  • Museum Themes are highly customizable without burdening you with an abundance of controls and options with very little explanation.

Check out the great features and themes you can choose from on their website.

1 free Pagely personal account

Page.ly is premium WordPress Hosting and offers a package for all types of needs. Our plans are optimized for website traffic levels meaning a high traffic site will perform better on a higher tier plan. The Page.ly Personal plan is recommended as a great place to start for all users.

Personal accounts from Page.ly are perfect for one person looking to quickly and easily set up an online presence for themselves, and to get a website up and running. Check out what you get with a personal account here.

1 free premium theme from Press75

Every theme on Press75.com has been built on a solid development framework which has been perfected over time to provide some of the cleanest, most efficient and well documented code you have ever seen. For designers and developers looking to customize, you will have absolutely no problem finding your way around. Or, if you just need a solid out-of-box solution for your site, any of my themes can be activated and customized within minutes through each theme options page.

1 free Genesis theme + 1 child theme from StudioPress

The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress.
Whether you’re a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.

Check out the great features it has on their website.

1 free Startbox framework

StartBox comes with an incredibly easy-to-use, modular settings page. For users, this means a quick and painless setup for your website, for theme authors this means an incredible new level of control for your themes.

Startbox follows convention over configuration to trim the fat and give you exactly the options you need. Check out the features here.

1 free annual membership

Plugins, themes & support for WordPress, BuddyPress, and Multisite. Join 14,154 WPMU DEV members and get:

  • The most popular premium plugin site on the web
  • 150+ premium highly customizable themes
  • 100+ plugins for WP, Multisite and BuddyPress
  • Unlimited live and forum-based help and support

See all the great things you get from a membership here.

1 free Double Class

WPClassroom.com is dedicated to providing high quality professional WordPress training. Our instructors are completely knowledgeable on how WordPress works, as well as explaining that in an easy to follow method.

  • Content Management – Post, Pages, and Links
  • Media – Images, Videos, and Sound Clips
  • Comments and Discussion – Moderating and Spam Control
  • Extending WordPress – Theme/Plugin Installation and Config
  • User Accounts – Create and Manage Users
  • WordPress Settings – Learn how to customize WordPress

Founded by Brad Williams, Co-Author of Professional WordPress, WPClassroom.com WordPress Training courses are the best around! We have the most knowledgeable instructors, technology, and tips and tricks to help you learn WordPress as quickly and easily as possible!

Learn more about the classes on the website here.

Pro WP
1 free copy of Professional WordPress Development

An in-depth look at the internals of the WordPress system. As the most popular blogging and content management platform available today, WordPress is a powerful tool. This exciting book goes beyond the basics and delves into the heart of the WordPress system, offering overviews of the functional aspects of WordPress as well as plug-in and theme development.
What is covered in this book?

  • Detailed review of WordPress Functionality and Codebase
  • The Loop and Data Management
  • Plugin Development
  • Theme Development
  • Content Aggregation, SEO and User Experience
  • Using WordPress in the Enterprise
  • Moving your existing site to WordPress

This book takes an “internals” view of WordPress and drives the fundamentals of how things work to explain use cases and extensions to the core platform. Including hands on examples, and real world tips, this exhaustive book is a must-have for Web and PHP professionals developing on the WordPress platform.

Find out more about this book here.

Gravity Forms
1 free Gravity Forms license

Gravity Forms makes it extremely easy to create any form you need for your website. You can create forms as simple as a basic user sign up to complex forms that collect all kinds of information from visitors to your site.

To find out about what great features come with Gravity Forms visit their website.

Mojo Themes
1 free Theme from Mojo Themes

MOJO Themes is brought to you by the Mojoness team. Mojoness, Inc. is a startup company based out of Utah. The team behind Mojoness brings years of experience in which we deliver a fresh perspective, innovative products and undeniable interactive marketing abilities.

Learn more about the great themes you can get here.

That’s All

What do you mean that’s all… That list right there is an amazing assortment of prizes. So what are you waiting for!!

Register on this site, and post a comment below with the things you’d like to win the most from this list!!

19 Responses to “Updated: 10 Prizes To Giveaway This Week”

  1. brycejacobson

    I’ve had my eye on the Genesis theme for a while now and would love to work with it. Seems very promising. Gravity Forms is also of interest to me!

  2. ariff

    OH wow. Another giveaway. I could use the pagely personal account. Please let me have it :D

  3. nuclearmoose

    Kudos to all of these great companies for providing such great prizes!
    If I won, I’d love to have the Professional WordPress Design and Development book.

  4. wpspecialists

    My head is spinning from all of the awesome prizes. Maybe it would be easier to list what I don’t want?

    But… let’s see… The free genesis theme would be coolio cuz I see people really talking it up. Would be great to know what all the hype is about. Must be pretty awesome in there.

    And the Professional WordPress Development book. You mean like a real, honest to goodness book? With those page thingies that you have to lick your fingers & turn? That’d be sweet!

    Conversations later would be like:
    “I read a book about WordPress & dog eared all the cool, helpful, important pages.”
    “But, all the pages are bent on the corners?!?”
    “Ha! I know, right?”

    • jaredwilli

      yeah back when people still read words written on paper. back then we had to walk uphill both ways to get to school. now you can only see books in museums and behind glass cases :P

      • wpspecialists

        Oh yeah!! I see my kids bring those things home from school. Speaking of kids, this would be great for my 10 year old who’s decided he wants to learn about the grand World of WordPress.

        And… it would give me reason to call my bookcase a bookcase, instead of “that thing over there with all the movies on it.”

        Is bribery against the rules? I bet I could get andrea_r to make you some cookies. Bahaaa

        • jaredwilli

          lol. i have 5 bookcases overflowing with books that have been read dozens of times each. not by me. (my gf is a reading machine)

          i have 1 half of 1 shelf worth of books, and all but 2 of my 10 or so books aren’t college textbooks.

  5. Mohsen

    Write a Word, Win a World!!!

  6. simplexstudios

    I am excited to see what the judges vote for and the end results. I seen to have almost everything above already but I would be interested in winning the WPMU dev subscription (if current users can win), gravityforms or the Professional WordPress Development which seems like a good read. thanks

  7. jack

    I would love to have a wpmu premium membership again. Mine expired & I’m broke!

  8. ryanduff

    I can haz WPMU Dev Membership? I’m learning more and more about it and this would be an awesome resource to have access to.

    Otherwise, Gravity Forms because that plugin is cool as shit. Enough said!

  9. mikycomputers

    hello! THX for the offer.

    I want the WPMU Membership.
    second choice is:Studiopress

    Thank you!

  10. lordkain2

    A WPMU DEV Membership sound great for me.

  11. ariff

    I guess I might need the WPMU dev more than a new hosting account. It would be a great leap forward for me if I could get the membership. I could learn a lot more WordPress has to offer.

  12. KostasNi

    Another great set of prizes! Hard to pick one or two off the list..

    WPMU Memberships I would absolutely love it.
    Genesis framework, I must admit that I haven’t tried it, perhaps this is my opportunity to do so.
    Page75 theme and the WordPress book sound great too!

    • KostasNi

      *Press75 (obviously)

  13. WPthemeInfo

    One of it’s own kind best awarding service that you guys are giving. Happy to see you doing something different and unique. anyway, Hope I win this giveaway. Good Luck To All

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  15. sideradesign